Growing brands continue to choose 2Point to manage their digital marketing strategies, coming to us first because of the value we provide and staying with us because of the results we deliver.

Lia Smith-Pratt

Owner of A Better Solution Home Care With 2Point Since 2008 9 Locations and Growing

“They do everything we need and meet with them monthly”

“They save me time and money”


Chris Todorov

Owner of AAA Hybrid Battery Repair With 2Point Since 2015 San Diego, CA

“Before 2Point I was with Local Splash and was not happy with the results”

“Night and day difference with 2Point”


Dennis Shoemaker

Owner of Pet Pals Pet Sitting With 2Point Since 2016 San Diego, CA

“The team at 2Point came up with a 1 year strategy, new website, professional video and more”

“We decided to go with a local San Diego company”


Zach Stofferahn

Owner of Fish Pit With 2Point since 2017 San Diego, CA

“I'd suggest them to any business in this area or anywhere”

“They take care of all my digital marketing needs”


Dennis Lee

Owner of Pokedon With 2Point since 2018 San Diego, CA

“I'd recommend them to anyone that needs their digital marketing done”

“2Point handles all of my digital marketing”


Mary Mezinis

Owner of AIA Global Education With 2Point since 2016 3 locations worldwide

“would recommend 2Point to any busy business owner looking for a one stop solution”

“2Point handles all of my marketing needs”